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Cover of evo Australia magazine 016 - October 2014

And now for something a little different…

We thought we’d change things up a little for the October issue of evo Australia. This month we’re offering readers the choice of two covers: one sporting the usual, much-loved design and another more paired-back version.

Impressed by the beautifully minimalist subscriber covers offered by our friends at evo UK (and conscious that there is nothing like that on Australian shelves), we were keen to explore how local readers would respond to a cleaner aesthetic. And, with its flowing lines and striking silhouette, we knew that the gorgeous Mercedes-AMG GT was the ideal cover star for the task.

Sales figures will reveal which finds favour among evo Australia’s loyal readership, but a brief survey on the magazine’s Facebook page was overwhelmingly in favour of the new, cleaner look. Stay tuned for updates.