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evo Australia magazine issue 009, March 2014

“You’ve read the development stories, watched the Nurburgring video, and perhaps even driven it in Forza 5, but none of this can prepare you for the moment you finally get your audience with the McLaren P1”

Richard Meaden, evo Australia 009

Also in this month’s issue…

It’s mixed emotions this month, as we celebrate Ferrari’s turbo-powered California T and lament the closure of Australia’s automative manufacturing industry.

Dickie pines for some motorsport-inspired road car specials, while Porter’s dog makes another less-than-welcome appearance

More debate about the McLaren P1, plus a salute to sportsmanship at the Bathurst 12 Hour.

Cover story: McLaren P1
We finally get behind the wheel of the much-hyped 673kW British hypercar. We knew it would be good (McLaren claim that it’s the best car on road and track), but nothing could have prepared us for this.

911 turbo and Audi R8
As far as everyday supercars go, it’s hard to go past 911 turbo and Audi R8; but which one is the world’s best?

BMW 235i
How does 240kW for less than $80K sound? Henry Catchpole heads to Las Vegas to try out the new bargain Beemer.

Jag F-type Coupe
The latest F-type brings even more power and a solid roof. evo drives a prototype in Spain.

Subaru BRZ v Ford Fiesta ST
Don’t let their modest price tags fool you – these dynamic dynamos offer plenty of thrills.

Monte Carlo Rally
We’re roadside in southern France as Hyundai makes a treacherous return to the WRC.

Jaguar XKR-S GT v Maserati GT MC Stradale
If the 911 GT3 doesn’t do it for you, let Britain and Italy serve up some tempting road-racer alternatives.

Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth
In its day, the Cossie was king on both road and track. But does the legend still hold up?

Long-term tests
The Secret Supercar Owner (and his wife) welcome a McLaren 12C Spider to the fleet.

Art of Speed
Nothing could be more ’80s than Testarossa side strakes (except a Duran Duran album, perhaps).