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I Roll with Volvo

In 1915, a Swedish engineering company set-up shop under the name, Volvo. Latin for ‘I roll’, Volvo began life as the manufacturer of ball bearings, but a lunch nearly a decade later between engineer Gustav Larson and businessman Assar Gabrielsson hatched a plan for a Swedish-built car. The first Volvo car, the OV4, rolled off the production line in 1927, and 90 years later, Volvo has produced more than 18 million cars and SUVs.

Over that time, the Volvo brand has changed how consumers, legislators and the automotive industry think about safety, luxury and design. In an exclusive partnership with Volvo, Motor Media Network publish the I Roll series of books that highlight key model milestones and technical achievements over the brand’s history, including the world-first introduction of the three-point seatbelt.

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